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RTS Financial Corporation
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Lending and Loan Brokerage
Why use a loan broker? The reason commercial mortgage brokers are necessary to secure private money loans is because they have access to lenders. A broker also can uncover far more complicated mortgage products than the average borrower can find on his or her own. While a commercial mortgage broker may frequently deal with standard lenders, he or she will always jave lenders in his or her address book. If a broker's lenders run out of money to invest, the broker will know where to look to find more
Why Private Money Lending? Private money loans are often necessary to secure what traditional lenders would consider speculative financing. The entrepreneurial spirit has always pushed the American economy to new heights, but established lenders are not interested in the big risks that accompany entrepreneurship. Private money lenders, on the other hand, are willing to take on unconventional risks for greater returns.
Another reason for seeking private money loans is less than satisfactory credit. Big mortgage lenders are hesitant to risk even a little money on anyone with less than perfect credit. Private money lenders, on the other hand, are often willing to take risks if they see big return potential on their loans.
Typical Terms of Private Money Loans