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RTS Financial Corporation

Ray T. Sparling, President
RTS Financial Corporation
P.O. Box 1489
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067-1489
Why use RTS Financial?
Ray T. Sparling's career reflects a continuous list of successful project oriented executive management assignments in private, public, government and nonprofit arenas.

Mr. Sparling, a highly effective banking executive, specialized in portfolio reconstruction and disposition either as an employee or a contractor. Mr. Sparling effectively held executive positions in banking, real estate development and biomedical research, chaired senior loan committees and served on executive committees of institutions with over $15 billion in total assets.

Mr. Sparling, served as Chairman/CEO of three real estate development companies and Executive Director of two nonprofit foundations.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in finance and a Master of Divinity. Mr Sparling is a licensed real estate broker,
With today's economic pressures and the ever increasing self- or government-imposed regulations on large real estate, property, lenders, borrowers and business in general, there is a tremendous need to reassess and restructure portfolios, physical facilities and management systems.

RTS Financial provides clients the benefits of its extensive finance, executive management and real estate experience. RTS provides experience in loan origination, workout, restructure, loan sales, real estate development and real estate sales.

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